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3D models for online sales include

  1. 1.Increased customer purchase intent: 3D models offer a more realistic and detailed product showcase, helping customers better understand the product features and functions, thereby increasing their confidence and purchase intent.

    2.Improved sales conversion rate: 3D models enable customers to view and experience products from multiple angles, providing a more intuitive and engaging showcase, thereby improving sales conversion rates.

    3.Expanded sales reach: 3D models can be efficiently and rapidly shared through the internet, on websites, e-commerce platforms, social media, and in advertising and promotional activities, thus expanding the sales reach.

    4.Enhanced brand image: 3D models provide a more advanced, innovative, and high-tech product showcase, thereby improving brand image and value.

    In summary, using 3D models for online sales has significant advantages, including increased customer purchase intent, improved sales conversion rates, cost savings, expanded sales reach, and enhanced brand image.

What is the utility of the product experience?

Imagine interactive experiences with products you’re interested in; Get to know exactly what it looks like from every aspect, fully appreciate its design, play with how it works, understand what its features are and even what distinguishes it from other models – all without leaving home.


The power of vision


The value of using visuals on e-commerce pages has long been known and widely practiced. E-commerce site Etsy has found that product images and their quality are the most important factors in a customer’s decision-making process, ahead of the cost of the item and customer reviews. On top of that, using video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by more than 80%.



These types of visuals have gone some way to bridging the gap between offline and online customer experience, but in today’s world, there’s still a lot more that can be done. In addition to vision, other senses such as touch and hearing also have an important impact on customer purchasing behavior. Creating interactive product experiences can further bridge the gap between the online and offline business worlds, bring other senses to life, and even provide additional value over what brick-and-mortar stores can typically offer. Plus, who wants to watch a long video that walks you through every feature and benefit? In an interactive experience, you can decide what to watch and in what order.



Sink or innovate

With the current pace of new technologies and ideas surrounding e-commerce landing pages, “What’s next?” “Appear. As always, there is room for improvement. The key is to get to know your customers and figure out the most enjoyable, informative, and even fun way to present your product. As we’ve seen above, rich, interactive content can help educate, engage, and convert online consumers. If executed well, it can be more engaging than a simple photo or product video. It is a manifestation of changing times, and those who embrace and adapt will come out ahead.

The company's core advantage

    1. Technological superiority: The company has advanced 3D scanning technology and professional knowledge, and can provide high-quality 3D scanning model services.

    2. Professional team: The company has an experienced team of 3D scanning technicians and designers, and can provide customized 3D scanning model solutions to clients.

    3. Fast delivery: The company can complete a large number of 3D scanning model productions in a short period of time, and provide fast delivery services.

    4. Customer service: The company values customer experience and provides high-quality customer service to meet their needs and requirements.

    5. Quality assurance: The company has a strict quality control and assurance system to ensure that each 3D scanning model has high accuracy and reliability.

    6. Reasonable prices: The company can provide competitively-priced 3D scanning model services, allowing clients to obtain high-value services.

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